With some 13 common pests we are called upon to eliminate, our range of services and treatments are broad. 3 of the most popular services we provide are:

General Pest Service

A general pest treatment is used to eliminate the American cockroach, Ants (excluding Termites) and Webbing Spiders. This treatment is recommended every 12 months to ensure year round protection.

Pest Report Service

This service requires us to inspect all accessible timbers within a home or building and to observe and report any damage found. The Sentinel service technician will also be able to identify all other pests (including termites) found and provide a obligation free quote for the elimination of the identified pests.

German Cockroach Treatment

Due to the reproductive cycle of the German cockroach 2 treatments are generally required 14 to 21 days apart. If you are unsure of the type of cockroach problem you are having, please contact us.

For a prompt obligation free quote for the right cockroach treatment for your home or business please phone us on 9314-0259 or email us at