Servicing Sydney

Sentinel Pest Control Pty Limited was founded in 1967. Starting out as a small business it is now a second generation family business, Sentinel Pest Control Pty Limited has turned into an industry leader in our efficiency and customer satisfaction. Sentinel Pest Control Pty Limited’s goal is to synthesize an expanded array of leadership within our industry.

Servicing most of Sydneys many entertainment outlets and hotels, our work speaks for itself. Proudly based in the Eastern suburbs we also have outlets in western Sydney, south coast and north shore. We take pride in our ability to prevent and exterminate all forms of pests.

Sentinel Pest Control Pty Limited combines generations of pest control experience and expertise to bring the best service to you. The managing directors within the company are arguably some of the most respected professionals in the industry. Not just for their knowledge of the process of pest control but its impacts. Sentinel Pest Control Pty Limited is committed to a safe chemical solution at all times and the safety of our clients and employees are our foremost priority.

Not only is it our job, its our passion.